Wrangler Students Talk About Their Experiences

Class of 2013

Carol M: "I was looking for new ways to challenge myself to stay mentally and physically active. There were two things I consider the most rewarding parts of this class. One is the simple joy I've received from just learning the dance steps. The two hour lesson time flies by in a whirl of concentration and plain old fun while I learn. It feels good to try, and succeed, even if that success takes a couple weeks. The second reward is meeting new people."

Mike W: "I was somewhat sceptical when my wife first suggested that we try taking square dancing classes last September. But I agreed to go to the first couple weeks of classes and give it a try. After the first class, she asked if I wanted to go back the next week. I agreed and quickly got hooked on it. Now we look forward to going to a class once a week on a week night, and we often go to a dance on the weekend. It is something we enjoy doing together and it is also a very social activity involving lots of other people. We're developing friendships with those we dance with frequently."


Janet W: "We found the class to be a great alternative to sitting in front of the TV. It is fun and requires a surprising amount of concentration. We have met some great people and plan to continue. Some things we found square dancing was not:
   o Not a bunch of hillbillies, but rather professionals from many, varied walks of life;
   o Not country music; OK some, but we have danced to Phantom of the Opera, Lady Gaga,
      Christmas carols and many different types of music;
   o Not required to wear a crazy skirt."

Mike W: "Square dancing is very structured, with specific dance movements tied to each of the 100 different calls made by the caller, so it took 9 months of lessons to learn them all. It takes total concentration, so it clears anything else on your mind, making it a great stress reliever. It is an excellent way to keep your mind sharp. Even though we have to be focused on what we are doing, we still laugh a lot at the mistakes we invariably make. It is not physically strenuous, but keeps us moving throughout each class or dance."


John and Joyce W: "The class was fun and the people were all very nice and encouraging. It was challenging to learn so many calls, especially towards the end of each class. My brain was overflowing! Also, we didn't realize what a big commitment it was going to be. Missing several classes due to our vacation almost made us quit, but the 'angels' [club members] were so helpful we decided to stick it out."

Jeff and Kathy G: "We enjoyed the classes. We think the Angels [club members] were absolutely wonderful. They were friendly, positive and are just a great group of people. We liked the way they kept encouraging us to get out and dance, and we did. We were amazed at the variety of music used for square dancing."


Nadya W: "I am just amazed at how much effort the club members put into making the classes available and enjoyable for the new people. And how kind it was to have the angels [club members] to dance with us single gals...what a blessing that was. This will surely earn you all a place in heaven. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!"

Class of 2014
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Sheri M: "I went to my first class after seeing a bumper sticker for modern square dancing on the back of someone's truck. At the time I was going through a divorce and I was interested in getting out and meeting new people. I decided to try one class knowing I didn't have to go back if I didn't like it. Well, it's 9 months later and I didn't miss one class! From the moment I walked into that first class, I was made to be feel welcome. Square dancing is good physical and mental exercise. It's also just plain fun! At every class and dance, everyone is having a great time."


Adele W: "I like the combination of physical exercise and the mental challenge of learning and remembering the moves. Square dancers are friendly, helpful and welcoming, which makes it a fun social activity. The 'angels' [club members] devote a tremendous amount of their time to helping the newer dancers."

Linda C: "Great fun! Keeps you on your toes....mentally and physically. The experienced dancers are patient and supportive of the students. The experienced dancers, called Angels, are NEVER anything but encouraging and helpful, even when you are struggling. The music is light hearted and spirited! Square dancing is a wonderful way to relax, make new friends, laugh and stay in shape."


Ken C: "Square dancing is healthy for your mind and your body and lots of fun!."

Susan D: "I really enjoyed the challenge of learning the calls. It wasn't as easy as you might think. Square dancing feels like a puzzle that you are trying to figure out with 7 other people while getting some good exercise. The club members were very patient while we learned and always encouraging. If you think square dancing is a lot of older people in hoop skirts and country garb doing do-si-do you'd be surprised; it isn't that at all."


Doug D: "Other types of dancing are difficult for me since I have a hard time hearing the beats to music. Square dancing is different because you are following instructions but not to a specific beat. I like the mental exercise and it is a nice diversion after a long day at work and good exercise to boot. It was also a great way to meet a lot of nice people."

Class of 2015
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Class of 2016
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"I needed to turn off the TV and get off of the couch."

"Our kids are gone and we were looking for something to do."


"Friends told me how fun and nice the Wranglers are."

" I was told that Buddy Weaver was the best caller and instructor around."

"I love the music!"

"There are 7 other people in the square who want me to succeed."

" I just love making new friends!"

"I just love it!!!"